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The statement, “There is jet fuel in her blood” is often used when describing Cindy.  

Cindy was an “airline brat” as her father was an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with a major airline.  Growing up, airplanes were an every day part of life.  When deciding a career, maintenance was a logical option.  At first, it was her love for cars that sparked the idea of wrenching, but after touring an A & P school in Pennsylvania, the decision was made.

After graduating from Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Cindy worked for Delta Airlines Inc. for 17 years.  Ten of those in the hangar doing heavy checks and the other seven on line-maintenance in Phoenix.  After leaving Delta, she started teaching in 2012 and continues to share her passion for aviation with her students at a part 147 maintenance school in West Virginia.  

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